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Vinolia is an urban tourism center located in Santiago that is 100% dedicated to Chilean wine. In this place there is a virtual experience which aims to move tourists to the valleys and vineyards of Chile without the need to leave Santiago.
The virtually visited valleys are those of Casablanca, Colchagua and Maipo.

The experience lasts 1 hour and is divided into 3 parts:
1) Emporio: Tourists are welcomed with a glass of white or sparkling wine.

2) Aromas: In this activity there are 48 aromas related to wine which represent the primary, secondary and tertiary aromas found when tasting wines.
These are referring to the land where the vines were grown, to the fermentation of the wine and to the keeping of it.

3) Cinema-Tasting: This is the last and most important part of the experience. Tourists enter a private cinema covered in barrel staves that still expel certain aromas that are recognized in the barrel rooms of any vineyard. Each person has their space staff where it has a set of 5 glasses, tasting notes, spittoon and mineral water.
A movie that starts with an overflight of Chile is screened in a movie theater, then an overflight of the valley that will be visited, and begin from each vineyard to vineyard making the tasting of wine where the same winemaker performs this one.

In summary, this place created 100% by Chileans, you have in one hour a visit of 1 valley, 5
Vineyards, meet 5 winemakers and taste 5 wines. It is the ideal place to enter the world of Chilean Wine, even when there is not much time.
It is the ideal product for those people whose time is short or who simply want to learn and know more about this noble product.

Transportation, with insurance for Vinolia with transfers from / to hotels.
Bilingual guide

Did not include

Time of year
Whole year

Places visited

Approximate time and duration
Pick-up from hotels: Exact time will be confirmed one day before 22:00.
Tour of 2 hrs approx.

What to bring with you
Go in comfortable clothes.
Always take money (Chilean pesos).




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Valores de referencia: CLP$ 55.000

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De 3 a 9 anos pagam valor diferenciado.
Acima de 10 anos pagam 100%.

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