Portillo is the oldest ski center in South America and also an important part of the history of skiing. A history of men and mountains, dreams and achievements in the wonderful world of skiing.

It all began in 1887, when British engineers were hired by the Chilean government to study the possibilities of installing a railroad crossing the Andes linking Santiago to the Argentine city of Mendoza and eventually to Buenos Aires. The study engineers traversed the region on their skis during the winters of 1887 and 1888 and were undoubtedly the first skiers to cross the slopes of the Portillo Ski Center.

In 1961, Portillo was bought by two Americans: Bob Purcell and Dick Aldrich. The two of them had skied in Portillo and were impressed by the beauty and great conditions for skiing that they found there.

Portillo has not changed much over time. It is a unique center. Nobody gets up early, meals are social events, dinner is late. There are still no queues to climb the cable car, not many people skiing in the snow powder. Life is quiet and lends itself to making new friends.

There are fourteen lifts, including five with chairs, but the cable cars Va et Vient, designed by Jean Pomagalski in the 60s, to allow access to the high slopes of Roca Jack, Condor, Vizcachas wool and the new Va et Vient “El Caracara” they remain challenging experts and offering access to a great powder ski experience on the open lane and to the many very steep narrow passages.


On the crystalline waters of this lagoon, on certain nights of the full moon, there are lamentations that break the silence of the night. The legend tells that it is the spirit of the Inca Illi Yunqui, who wanders over the tomb in which he buried his beloved Princess Kora- llé, tragically dead during the feast of real mount (nascu), when falling on a precipice. The Inca, whose pain shook the mountain, believed, with his soul as a poet, that no human sarcophagus would be comparable to that grave. Wrapped in white linen, the graceful body went down to the blue depth, before the regret of the imperial retinue; and since then the water has been dyed with the emerald color of the beautiful eyes that the son of the sun could never awaken. Thus in the place an air of love and mystery, covered with the silent mantle of snow.

Transportation, with insurance, to Portillo with transfers to / from hotels.
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Visit to Portillo
Panoramic tour

Does not include
Thermal clothing
Activities in the snow

Seasons of the year
June to September
It depends on the weather conditions.

Places visited
Portillo (panoramic)

Approximate time and duration
Pick-up from hotels: between 07:00 and 08:00 (exact time will be confirmed the day before).
Full Day Length

What to take with you
Dress comfortably and with low shoes. Take a spare clothes.
Check the weather conditions on site and consider wearing appropriate clothing.
Always take sunscreen, sunglasses, money (Chilean Pesos), water and snacks.


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