Cajón del Maipo and Embalse El Yeso

The Cajón del Maipo is a valley that enters the Andes Mountains with several small towns, being the main San José del Maipo, a small town full of history that was founded in 1972 and is considered National patrimony.

The Maipo river gives life to the region and on its banks many ecotourism activities take place, and it also irrigates the vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon typical of the region.

We snake into the valley, admiring beautiful landscapes and we renew ourselves with the pure air of the mountain. Soon we began to climb its hills, now the banks of the Yeso river towards the dam.

Embalse el Yeso, is the main water supply dam in Santiago. It was built in 1964. Its waters at 2,500 meters above sea level range from turquoise blue to emerald green and are framed by the mountains of the mountain range.

During the trip, we will see the shelter Las Cascaras a military shelter and later occupied by the miners, now a ghost town, the La Mesa Glacier with more than 450 thousand years and on the way back, we will pass by the tunnel of the Tinoco, a mixture of history and urban legend.

An incredible day to visit at any time of the year, in the summer we can go to the beach and swimming, and in the winter the landscape fills with magic with the snow white. Images that are sure to be kept in memory and the desire to return again.

Transportation, with insurance, to Cajón del Maipo + Embalse el Yeso with transfers to / from hotels.
Bilingual guide
Walk to Embalse el Yeso (20 minutes subject to conditions)

Does not include

Seasons of the year
It works all year round.
In winter, it depends on weather conditions and road blocking by local authorities.

Places visited
Maipo Valley
Yeso Dam
View to Ruins of the military shelter Las Cascaras
View to the La Mesa Glacier
Tinoco Tunnel

Approximate time and duration
Pick-up from the hotels: between 06:00 and 07:00 (the exact time will be confirmed the day before until 22:00).
Full day: 12 hours approx.

What to take with you
Dress comfortably and with low shoes.
Check the weather conditions in the place, consider taking clothes to the intense cold.
Always take sunscreen, sunglasses, money (Chilean Pesos), water and snacks.
There are no bars and restaurants on site.

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